Welcome to the Herald Tribune World Youth Forum Alumni Association Web Site !

Welcome! Whether you were a Delegate, staff or host family, or you’re a spouse or relative of one of these; whether you knew it as the (New York) Herald Tribune Youth Forum, the World Youth Forum, or just The Forum, this web site will keep you in touch with old friends and colleagues. 

 The site gives members of the Alumni Association information on our activities, including reunions past and planned. All issues of our newsletter, The Delegate, are here. There is an extensive archive of Forum articles, photos and memorabilia. In addition, there’s a “Getting in Touch” section with a database of everyone who took part and the current details of as many alumni as we have been able to find over the years - and the search for more people with Forum connections continues.


If this is your first visit to the site please note that access to most of it is limited. This is to protect the privacy of people with a Forum affiliation. If you were involved in some way with the Forum please click here and tell us who you are (first name, last name, year, country you represented or other Forum affiliation). Be sure to include your complete address and e-mail address so that we can contact you. We’ll be happy to welcome you, and to register your address and send you your password.


Please note : Australian historian Dr Catherine Bishop is undertaking an oral history project to record the experiences of people who took part in the World Youth Forum. How did they experience this international programme and how has it affected their lives? She is keen to talk to anyone who was involved. You can find out more about the project and contact her on her website : 


Last revised 16/11/2016