The Association

Purpose and achievements

In the Winter of 1995, a group of delegates from different countries and different years came together in Paris to create an Alumni Association with the aim of finding and drawing together more people who had taken part in the extraordinary Forum experience. In the years since, through many people's efforts, more than 450 alumni have been found and the Association has stayed focused on facilitating contact and the richness of international friendships.

The search goes on and every change is immediately registered in our on-line data-base. 

We have organised six major reunions on four continents as well as several informal, more local ones. In between reunions, delegates keep contact through spontaneous small get-togethers and frequent e-mail contact. 

Our twice-yearly newsletter, The Delegate publishes both light and serious articles written by members about their work, their interests and experiences. There is also information on past and planned Reunions and other Forum-related matters.

This communication among delegates has enriched all our lives but we do not regard the Association as an exclusive ‘club.’ Family members and Friends who participate in reunions are welcome, too!